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Looking To Find A Seasonal Or Holiday Job??

Looking To Find A Seasonal Or Holiday JobIt’s really not that far away to start thinking about making some extra cash for the Holiday Season….big-box stores like Target, Walmart, Macy’s and even the Gap will add nearly 400,000 seasonal jobs across the country this year, including hundreds locally.

Toys ‘R’ Us has just announced plans to hire 45,000 employees nationwide. That’s more than doubling its entire staff. They’re looking for sales associates, managers, stock crew and people to work in distribution centers. Target and Kohl’s will each be hiring about 70,000 holiday helpers. Walmart  just announced plans to hire 60,000.UPS is topping out the list at 95,000 extra people, with salaries starting at 10 dollars an hour. FedEx will hire 10,000 more seasonal employees than they did last year, up to 50,000 and JC Penny is at about 35,000.

And, If you’re lucky enough maybe you’ll stick around after the Holiday Season or they just may kick you to the curb but who cares you just looking to make some extra cash for the season: LINK