News Sites DNAinfo And Gothamist Shut Down Abruptly!


One week to the day after reporters and editors at the news outlets DNAinfo and Gothamist voted to join a union, their owner shut them down. The site was launched in 2009 by TD Ameritrade co-founder Joe Ricketts, DNAinfo was known for its on-the-ground neighborhood coverage in the 5 boroughs.

A statement from Joe read , “it was a difficult decision to discontinue publishing DNAinfo and Gothamist” “He says reaching this decision wasn’t easy, and it wasn’t one made lightly.” The announcement caught employees at both media outlets by surprise.  DNA was the best site for New York City neighborhood news coverage. WNYC’s News Director Jim  Schachter says “this now leaves a void left in the local news news ecosystem, which has drastically changed in the digital age”.



Prospect Park In Brooklyn Will Be Permanently Car-Free Next Year

Prospect Park will be permanently car-free in January. The car-free change is scheduled to take effect Jan. 2, 2018.  It comes following the park’s first full car-free summer. During that time, the city studied effects of possibly making it permanent.

MetroCards Will Soon Be A Thing In The Past

After more than two decades, Metrocards will be a blast from the past and is getting ready to swipe left on MetroCards.  For more than 20 years, the MTA has used the MetroCard but has decided it may be time for an upgrade. The MTA approved more than $500 million to bring in the next fare-payment system beginning late 2018. By 2020, all subways and buses will adopt the more modern payment system. Officials say the plan is to fully retire the MetroCard by 2023. Until then, riders will still be able to use it.


15-Year-Old Bow Tie Entrepreneur Lands Sponsorship Deal With The NBA

I blogged about this young man a few years ago when he appeared in an interview for a local tv station but who would have thought he would be so successful today. Fifteen year old Moziah Bridges has entered a sponsorship deal with the NBA, giving his company, Mo’s Bows, the right to use NBA logos on their custom-designed bow ties.  Moziah and his mom sat down with CBS David Begnaud to see how his fashion sense led to big bucks.


One Local Vendor In Harlem Sells The Best Burgers!

Since 1990, Maurice “Mo” Robinson has been feeding people on Lenox Avenue between 117th and 118th streets. He’s known for his cheeseburgers and hamburgers but he also sells hotdogs and sausages. Between April and Halloween, Mo grills burgers and hot dogs seven days a week between 10 a.m. and 7 p.m. Every day at lunch time, a line of people queue up at Mo’s cart for burgers and hot dogs — most of them lured by the smell of freshly grilled patties.

Prices Are Dropping At Whole Foods, Now That Amazon Has Ownership

You’ll no longer have to spend your “whole” paycheck at Whole Foods. The organic grocery store wasted no time slashing prices, and it’s all thanks to Amazon. According to Bloomberg, prices lowered immediately.

Shoppers across the country are reporting seeing immediate cuts to produce, bread and meats. Amazon Prime members will soon see some in store benefits, including special savings and Amazon lockers where you can pick up items ordered online.

The Village Voice Will End It’s Free Weekly Print Edition

The Village Voice Will End It's Free, Weekly Print Edition This YearThe Voice was first launched in 1955 and became a free publication in 1996 in an effort to boost circulation. Moving forward, the Village Voice will end it’s free weekly print edition and deliver its iconic, progressive message through its digital platforms, including their new website which launched in May. The announcement is part of an ongoing effort by owner Peter Barbey, who purchased the Village Voice in October of 2015, to revitalize and reimagine its brand. 

Summer Streets Returns This Weekend!

Summer streets is back where the city will close down a nearly 7-mile stretch through Manhattan in celebration of what it describes as its “most valuable public space”: its roughly 6,000 miles of streets. The route, as usual, runs from East 72nd Street and down Park Avenue, Fourth Avenue, Lafayette Street and Centre Street to City Hall. The closures will take place for six hours, from 7 a.m. to 1 p.m., on Aug. 5, 12 and 19.



Beer ATMs Are Now Popping Up All Over New York City!

You can now dispense beer from the ATM. You can now find these machines at Duke’s Original Roadhouse, Paloma Rocket, Randolph Beer’s Williamsburg location and Clinton Hall’s South Street Seaport. Customers typically load up a special card with a set amount, then head to a wall of taps where they slide the card in and tap a screen to pour themselves a serving of craft beer by the ounce.

Check out the video from Randolph Beer in Brooklyn where you serve yourself from the Beer ATM!


Prospect Park In Brooklyn Is Now Permanently Closed To Traffic

Beginning July 17, Prospect Park will begin a trial run of a car free park , the mayor and Department of Transportation officials said, extending a car ban that has been in effect on the west side of the park since 2015. The city is shutting down East Drive from Park Circle to Grand Army Plaza starting next Monday through the weekend after Labor Day. The move is meant to make the green space safer as it sees a rise in recreational use during the summer.