Darnell Jefferson “The NewsMan”



DarnellTheNewsMan.com was created because of my passion for things newsy and multidimensional elements of all things Digital Media. This site is about what’s going on in arts, retail, restaurants, theater, events, music and communities….Basically all things unique and interesting that people would like to know about.

Darnell Jefferson is a Mulit-Media Personality and Professional Model. He’s done it ALL and so far he only sees more opportunities on the horizon.

“Anything is achievable if you believe in it. A market leader and a future force heading your way”



3 thoughts on “Darnell Jefferson “The NewsMan”

  1. Hi Darnell, I can see you have been productive! Hope it keeps you busy and creating new stuff. It is nice!!! I have procrastinate with my own stuff, I will start soon my website, blog or anything.
    Best, pp

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