Tiger Who Was Famously Found Inside A Harlem Apartment In 2003 Has Died

Do you remember the pet tiger found in Harlem back in 2003 that made the news world wide? The ferocious feline named Ming had been raised in a 5-bedroom apartment at the Drew Hamilton Houses on Adam Clayton Powell by 141st Street for three years until a domestic incident brought in the authorities.  Ming, a 300-pound jungle beast, who had spent the last 15 years at an animal sanctuary in Ohio since his rescue from the Drew Hamilton Houses in October 2003, has passed away. He is buried in Upstate New York. 

The tiger’s tombstone, designed by the cemetery, features an engraved photo of Ming and a short inscription of his storied past. The Legendary tiger,  was raised in apartment 5E in the Drew Hamilton Houses. The tiger tombstone reads under his name and the engraving “Tiger of Harlem”

The owner bought Ming at age six weeks from a wild-animal dealer out west, starting him on a bottle, then on pureed meat lovingly spooned from Gerber baby food jars, then on chickens, liver and bones from the supermarket, from which, by 2003, he was lugging home about 20 pounds of big-cat food a day.


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