The “Boogie Down Bronx” Will House A Future Hip-Hop Museum

Now, it looks like everything is official: As NY1 reports, construction on the museum is slated to begin in the South Bronx at 65 E. 149th Street this year, and it’s expected to be complete in 2023.

Kurtis Blow is the chairman of the board of the Universal Hip-Hop Museum. The city’s Economic Development Corporation says the museum will be a part of Bronx Point, a housing and entertainment complex to be built on a vacant lot on East 149th and Exterior Streets along the Harlem River. Kurtis Blow released one of the first rap songs to hit vinyl and the radio, back in 1979. But hip-hop had already been on the streets. Hip-hop can be traced back to a party at 1520 Sedgwick Avenue in 1973. From its roots in the South Bronx, hip-hop and rap are now a multi-billion dollar industry, accepted by mainstream America and a global cultural force. But it hasn’t been easy getting major support and money for a museum about hip-hop. Plans for this project have been in the works for years. There will be interactive activities teaching visitors how to DJ on turntables or become a graffiti artist, and there will be plenty of old school hip-hop artifacts. There’s so much history that began in the Bronx, and will be showcased right here.

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