Using The Bathroom Can Be A Problem For Hire Drivers In NYC

You already know the number of Via, Uber, Lyft and black car drivers in the city are multiplying rapidly every single year. Many drivers are working  24/7 . If they’re driving in the wee hours of the morning, where do they find a bathroom when everything’s closed? This makes it very difficult for drivers. Drivers say the case underscores just how rough it can be for Uber, Lyft and other for-hire drivers when you have to go. There are fewer than 20 designated “FHV relief stands” in Manhattan where those drivers can park for up to hour to take care of their business. Drivers want the Department of Transportation to change signs allowing drivers to relieve themselves but they have to count on the mercy of businesses that welcome them, like El Barrio Car Service on East 116th Street in East Harlem.




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