A New Delivery Service In Bed-Stuy Brooklyn Is Making Door To Door Deliveries

a-new-delivery-service-in-the-bed-stuy-neighborhood-of-brooklynShawn Walsh, owner of Say Grace Delivery, launched a delivery service in Bedford-Stuyvesant this past December to deliver goods from local businesses in the area.

Are you are just too busy to take care of errands? Say Grace Delivery is here to help. For a flat fee of $5, Say Grace Delivery will pick up and drop off take-out orders from restaurants, as well as laundry, supplies or other items shoppers request from neighborhood stores. Shoppers can call in their orders at the business for pickup, then contact Say Grace to do the heavy-lifting. Shawn is also considering a streamlined option where people can order online, she said. Customers can also use the company’s “concierge” service for a $15 fee, in which they send their shopping lists to Say Grace. Walsh and her team will go to the store to collect the items, which will be dropped off at clients’ doorsteps. In the future, she hopes to offer a subscription service for deliveries, and is seeking to partner with local senior centers to help with their shopping.

For more information on Say Grace, visit the company’s Facebook page here or call 888-611-2453 for inquiries.

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