You Can Now Track Your Child’s WhereAbouts In School

You Can Now Track Your Child WhereAbouts In SchoolKinvolved wants to make it easy for teachers to contact parents in real time, when children are late or absent from school is seeing great benefits from the app. The software, Kinvolved, which can be used by teachers on a laptop, desktop, or tablet have launched new software that’s been used in a bid to tamp down truancy. Parents only need a basic phone with text message capabilities to receive information. They can also access data online by logging into their personalized online portal. The app sends messages via text message to parents keeping them informed of their children’s attendance record and class performance.

The mobile application was developed by Kinvolved Inc. in 2012 with one school and has since grown to be used in 100 countrywide.  Last year, it sent its 500,000th message, according to the company’s website. The software is now in place at a few New York City public schools. District wide, Harlem schools have seen improvements in truancy levels. Gale Reeves, the district superintendent, cited a community wide effort to improve curriculum and provide additional resources, but also the app’s widespread use.

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