Do Some Acting ‘Karaoke’ To Win Tickets To The Tribeca Film Festival!

Do Some Acting 'Karaoke' to Win Tickets to the Tribeca Film FestivalYou know how much you like reciting movies lines? I know I do and to celebrate the Tribeca film festival’s 15th year, the festival has come up with a karaoke machine, but for acting. The ReActor, as they call it, lets you choose scenes from a variety of classic movies. You act along to the scene; the machine records you, then pops you into the scene and rates your performance. If you score higher than a 96 percent rating, according to the machine’s standards, you get two free tickets to the festival. But if that doesn’t happen, at least you go home with a funny clip of yourself — thanks to a link to a YouTube video — that you can show all those friends you annoy with movie quotes.


The machine debuts Tuesday, the first day tickets are on sale for the festival, which runs April 13-24. Organizers said the ReActor will travel around the city for a bit — you can find its location by following the Tribeca Film Festival on Twitter @Tribeca. The ReActor will eventually make its way to the film festival’s TriBeCa hub at Spring Studios, 50 Varick Street.

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