It’s Time to Get Your Rolling Skating On!

Looking For Somewhere To Roller-Skate In NYC? After some rinks like the Roxy in Chelsea and the Empire Roller Skating Center in Brooklyn closed, regulars have needed a new place to roll.Looking For Somewhere To Roller-Skate In NYCThe Lefrak Center offers the public roller skating and features a spectacular 16,000 sq. ft. covered rink overlooking Prospect Park Lake with ample open spaces for those not quite ready to lace up their skates. With skate rentals for all ages, Lakeside makes it easy for people of all ages to enjoy getting some fun, healthy, outdoor action. The last day for ice-skating at the LeFrak Center at Lakeside is Sunday, March 27, and the rink will welcome roller-skaters starting Saturday, April 9 through October.

httplakesidebrooklyn.comactivitiesspring-activitiesroller-skating1RollerJam USA reopen following extensive repairs. The spot is popular with families, especially on Fridays, when visitors can snag free all-you-can-eat pizza (7–10pm) and listen to chart hits all year round.

Riverbank State Park Roller Rink – Harlem

Riverbank State Park’s roller rink, the only one in all of Manhattan, was closed during the 2014 summer for renovations. It re-opened for ice skating and we’re working to confirm the roller rink’s return. When it re-opens, it will feature a brand-new concrete floor, white dasher boards, new Plexiglas sides and lots of other cosmetic fixes. We’ll update this post when it’s back in business!

For more information on rolling skating in the city check out:


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