Getting Around Manhattan For Just Under $10 Bucks!


Car Service AppHailing a cab is quickly going out of style and can be a frustrating at times when you can’t catch one during rush hour, changing shifts or even during bad weather but now, there are two start-ups that are easy to locate on your smartphone that are very inexpensive in getting around Manhattan.

Car Service App 1Luxury ride-sharing service VIA is gaining huge attention in the Big Apple by allowing customer’s to book trips through an there phone app allowing customers  to save money by helping them split rides with strangers. Via operates weekdays, 6:30am – 9pm anywhere in Manhattan south of 110th Street with rides costing $5 plus tax and an additional rider is $2.50. The average wait time is 5 minutes, and you’ll always get an accurate estimate of your pick up before booking. You can also track your vehicle in the app.



Car Service App 1 (2)Gett, a Tel Aviv-based taxi startup, claims they’ll take you anywhere in Manhattan for a flat rate of $10. ( NO SURGE) All rides in Manhattan below 110th street run $10 no matter how long they are, or how thick the streets are with snow, rain or curbside-puking New Yorkers. How does that sound? Sounds good for those inebriated nights heading home.

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