Business Booming For Workers Who Retrieve Items That Fall Onto Subway Tracks!

leave_itBusiness is booming for subway workers who retrieve cellphones and other belongings that fall onto the tracks. The MTA has a busy crew of subway workers stationed across the city to fetch items that straphangers have accidentally fumbled onto the tracks. The workers are equipped with a gripper for the grab, and a quick hand-off to the customer.

Others who do this work have conducted all kinds of recovery missions. Including “People’s teeth, false teeth,” Bob Devine said. “I guess they were spitting or something and the teeth came out.” “A frozen turkey one time. A bottle of rum,” said Pierre Moringlan, an MTA track inspector. “And we get a lot of calls, believe it or not, for wedding rings.” “Anything you can think of, they drop it,” said Vincent Mangia, an MTA track inspector. “If you can drop it, they drop it.” NEVER go down onto the tracks, for any reason. Your safety is more important. If available, use a Customer Assistance or Help Point intercom.

When riding the subway, remember these three things: Be smart. Be safe. Stay off the tracks: LINK

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