Uber Offers $5 Rides Between Manhattan and Williamsburg During L Train Shutdown

Digital CameraTalk about the MTA putting a wrench in your brunch plans. The L train will shut down for five weekends starting on Saturday — but Uber’s offering $5 flat-rate rides to help with travel. The mobile app cab service will only charge $5 for rides between Williamsburg and Manhattan on weekends during the L train shutdown, the company announced Friday. All riders who use UberPool— a newer service where you can share rides — in Williamsburg will only pay $5 for the ride if the destination is along the L train in Manhattan. Similarly, rides in Manhattan along the L train line with a destination in Williamsburg will have a $5 flat rate.

UberPool means that you may share your ride with another Uber user who is going to the same destination, though the ride will still cost $5 even if you are not matched with somebody else.

A map of where the flat rates apply can be seen below: Flat rates will be available between 11:30 p.m. on Fridays and 5 a.m. on Mondays, on weekends from April 17 to May 18.

Uber Offers $5 Rides Between Manhattan and W'Burg During L Train Shutdown



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