This Website Will Help You Find Out If Your NYC Apartment Is Rent Stabilized!

Is Your Apartment Rent Stabilized This Website Will Help You Find OutA new website is helping New Yorkers find out if they are living in a rent-stabilized unit — while being charged market-rate rent. The site, named, allows users to search for their buildings in a database and find out if there’s a chance their unit should be protected under the city’s rent-stabilization rules, said creator Chris Henrick 33, a student at Parson’s MFA Design and Technology program. Tenants could really gain a lot from looking at their rent history. The website will tell you if your building is on the city’s list of addresses with units still on the rent stabilization rolls. While it can’t tell you if your specific unit is one of them, it will help you navigate through the process of tracking that information down. The site contains links to different state agencies to help you get confirmation of your unit’s status as well as forms to fill out a complaint if you’re being overcharged. Ramon Hernandez of Hamilton Heights found out his landlord had overcharged him for years and, with the help of a nonprofit, was awarded $112,000 in a state ruling. A similar website, Apartable, tells apartment hunters if buildings have any violations, launched last month. LINK    


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