MTA Announces App Contest To Help Navtiagte Disabled New Yorkers!

Contest Seeks Developers to Create Transit Apps Aimed at NYers With DisabilitiesThe MTA is inviting local developers to create apps that will help an estimated 850,000 disabled New Yorkers navigate city transportation, and maybe win some cash. Riders with disabilities, requires more than a little effort to navigate an old system where fewer than one-quarter of the 468 stations are fully accessible. The MTA, AT&T and Transit Wireless announce App Quest 3.0, a contest that invites developers to mine the authority’s data to create apps for commuters. The contest offers $50,000 in prize money from AT&T, and for the first time, one of the prizes is a $10,000 payout that will be awarded by AT&T to the winning apps, which must be submitted by Feb. 3. The applications will be judged by technology experts, and the public will be able to vote for one of the awards.

MTA announces app competition to help disabled New Yorkers“PROMObeacons” have been installed at Grand Central by Transit Wireless for beta testing. The beacons function underground much like GPS does, and will be able to pinpoint a user’s exact location, if they enable the function on their phones. LINK

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