NYC Speed Limit Is Changing To 25mph On November 7th 2014!

NYC Speed Limit Is Chaning To 25mph On November 7th 2014Watch your speed, drivers. As of November 7, cruising along most city streets above 25 mph will get you a ticket. The City Council recently passed a law lowering the city’s default speed limit after the governor signed a bill allowing the change. The DOT and the New York City Police Department have launched a public awareness campaign and are using the next three weeks before the speed limit officially changes to educate folks; getting the word out via social media, and handing out flyers to pedestrians and drivers — as well as partnering with family members of crash victims. It might not seem like much, but officials said slowing down just five miles per hour can make a big difference. The speed limit formally becomes 25 miles per hour on Nov. 7

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