How About Making Your Own Wine At Home?

httpwww.dnainfo.comnew-york20140929williamsburgmake-your-own-wine-at-home-with-help-from-brooklyn-wineryA new class from Brooklyn Winery will teach you how to make wine at home instead. The Williamsburg-based winery is teaming up with The Brooklyn Kitchen for the one-day-only class, which will take place at the winery at 213 N. Eighth St. on Oct. 9. Attendees will taste different wines and learn how various grapes, regions, weather, harvest times and aging containers impact the flavor.  After attendees see how Brooklyn Winery makes wine on the commercial level, Noah Singerman, sommelier at The Dutch, will show them how to translate that on a smaller scale at home. Instructors will also offer suggestions on where to buy grapes and home brew equipment, which can be as simple as putting wine in a five-gallon bucket or using your hands instead of a professional tool: LINK

Brooklyn Winery and The Brooklyn Kitchen will hold two sessions of the event on Thursday, Oct. 9, at 7 p.m. and 9 p.m. Tickets cost $60, include a gift bag and you can purchase online.

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