Apply Now For $1,000/Month 2BR Apartments In Artist Housing!

East Harlem Artist Housing 1The New York City Department of Housing Preservation and Development is now taking lottery entrants for new affordable artist housing Artspace PS109 in East Harlem, which includes $494/month studios and $1,022 two-bedrooms. A two-bedroom apartment for $1,022/month and it’s better for your chances of getting one if you don’t make a lot of money. There are 89 apartments at 215 East 99th Street, with 50% being held for residents of Community Board 11 in Manhattan. People who are working artists though, get preferential treatment for the rest of the lottery units, provided you meet the income requirements for which for this building, top out at $50,000 per year. Click here to apply.

2 thoughts on “Apply Now For $1,000/Month 2BR Apartments In Artist Housing!

    1. I have also submitted an application through NYC Housing Connect and would be utterly thrilled to be able to live there. I, too, am frustrated because my profile does say I am a senior and disabled, but does not say I am an artist.

      I visited P.S. 109. It is still under construction, but the only phone number is for the construction company (718-522-1981)

      I cannot find out how to contact other than writing this and getting on their mailing list. I just checked the NYC Housing Connect site, and found that you can put in Artist under:
      “update the Household Member Information section in Step 3 of Edit Profile/Create Profile”.


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