Upscale Harlem’s Men’s Grooming Shop BBRAXTON Has Closed Doors!

BBRAXTON HARLEMBrenda Braxton has exit stage left from her upscale men’s boutique in Harlem. According to The New York Daily News article the upscale grooming shop for men has closed its doors. BBraxton which was located on 116th Street between Lenox and 5th Avenues was served with a notice to close.

bbraxton13u-5-webThe establishment shuttered their doors on April 30th as it was unable to catch up on bills. Brenda opened the business back in 2006 with her husband and then closed again back in 2009 amid rising cost and mismanagement and then re-opened in 2011. Brenda was quoted in the Daily News saying “Harlem didn’t show me the love that I thought I was going to get. People were not ready for this upscale barber shop.” I wouldn’t say Harlem wasn’t showing you love but I would say there were a few downfalls. One, was the location, great foot traffic but no traffic that would step foot inside, secondly I wanted a manicure and I was told I had to make an appointment, not a problem but this neighborhood is flooded with nail salons and African-American men, really didn’t know about it and if they did, they went somewhere else. “Men were not streaming in for the additional services, like massages, manicures and pedicures, Brenda said” A little marketing promo wouldn’t have hurt..

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