Brooklynites Can Now Have Beer Delivered To The Door!

Bed Stuy Beer Works now delivers beer by cargo bikeCalling Brooklynites who are Beer lovers!!! Bed Stuy Beer Works, a beer retailer and wholesaler in Bed-Stuy, has teamed up with cargo bike delivery cooperative Full Lane Logistics to deliver brews door-to-door. It’s the perfect way to gear up for summer. The partnership, announced last week, offers same-day and next-day delivery and can include any amount of the store’s continuously changing craft beer selection (check out the updated list at from mix-and-match six-packs to kegs and cases. So what’ll it cost you? Keg delivery is $30 for a half keg and $15 for a quarter keg. Pickup for the empty is $10, and if you have any other kegs laying around from that time you didn’t have cargo bike beer delivery service, they’ll pick those up for $5 each. Case delivery is $10 for up to two cases and $5 for anything additional, up to eight cases. Anything smaller than that (i.e. four six-packs, a growler and a large format bottle) has a flat fee of $10. There not a 24 hour operation. However, you’re guaranteed to get your beer before 8:30pm if you order by the 6pm cut off and if want beer delivered tomorrow, call by 8:30pm and get it by 6pm the following day. Now go order some beer at Bed Stuy Beer Works, 409 Willoughby Ave. at Walworth St., Bed-Stuy, and can reached at 718-797-1465: LINK



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