Queens StartUp KeyMe Expanding A Company From Keeping You Lockout!

KeyMe LocksmithKeyMe is a New York City-based startup that is revolutionizing the locksmith industry – is turning the key on a national expansion. The company operates key-making kiosks in local stores, and has just bagged $7.8 million in funding that it will use to add hundreds of kiosks across the country within the next 12 to 18 months.  There are currently KeyMe  kiosks in three city stores: 7-Eleven at Third Ave. and Bowery; Bed Bath & Beyond at 19th Street. And Sixth Ave.; and Rite Aid on Court Street. in Brooklyn.

KeyMe allows users to store, share, and duplicate their physical keys using a digital scan that is securely stored in the cloud. In the event of a lockout, they can go back to the kiosk and print out a new key for $20, far less than the $150 to $200 that a locksmith might charge. The kiosks dispense duplicate keys at a cost of $2.49 to $5.99.

Alternatively, customers can use KeyMe’s app to scan their keys with their smartphones and save a virtual copy. If they get locked out, a locksmith can make a new key from scratch by following instructions displayed on their phone, or new keys can be ordered from KeyMe. KeyMe copies most home, office, padlock, and mailbox keys only. LINK

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