NYC Uptown Housing Lottery Apartment Up For Grabs!

prefabricated Inwood building The StackSix apartments in the prefabricated Inwood building The Stack are up for grabs through an affordable housing lottery, and lucky winners will be able to snag a pad at a steal. There are three available two-bedrooms and three one-bedroom apartments in the building, which offers a mix of affordable and market-rate units. The one-bedrooms in the lottery will rent for $909 a month and the two-bedrooms are $1,060 monthly.

Community Board 12 residents, along with people who have visual, motor or hearing impairments will have their applications processed before general applicants, according to the nonprofit Housing Partnership, which is handling the selection process. Those selected through the lottery will be notified via letter for interviews starting at the end of May. The building is pet-friendly, and winning applicants can expect to move into their new homes in July or August.

The Stack was built in only 19 days last July by developers Jeffrey Brow and Kim Frank, near Academy Street at 4857 Broadway. The 38,000-square-foot building features a total of 28 apartments and 4,000 square feet of first-floor retail space: LINK

The deadline for lottery applications is Friday, April 4. To apply, visit

The Stack Housing Lottery



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