East Harlem Comes Together Too Give A Helping Hand!

East Harlem explosion donationsMany of the residents displaced by Wednesday’s explosion are in need of life’s essentials;Toiletries, food, clothes and shelter. Here are a few local business organizations giving a helping hand for those who are affected. The Mayor’s Fund is accepting contributions to address the ongoing needs of those affected by the East Harlem explosion and building collapse.

An East Harlem-based crowdfunding company is waving its fees to help victims of the fatal explosion that destroyed two apartment buildings raise money for essential needs. Dana Ostomel, founder and chief gifting officer for Deposit a Gift also an East Harlem resident, said she knew her company’s fundraising platform could be of help: LINK

East Harlem We StandEast Harlem Merchant’s Association, located at 309 East 108th Street between 2nd and 1st Avenues are inviting residents of the neighborhood who were affected to come by. Channel 7 Eyewitness News did a story spreading the word because not many families are aware of the donations: VIDEO LINK

imageLa Casa Azul Bookstore on 103rd Street near Lexington Avenue has transformed into a drop-off center for donations. La Casa Azul Bookstoree were accepting donations until Sunday night, not sure if they still are taking donations. All of the goods will be delivered to Assemblyman Robert Rodriguez’s office and distributed to families in need. Donations are already piling up at Assemblyman Robert J. Rodriguez’s office located at 55 East 115th Street.

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