Harlem’s Famous Late Night Snack…

Harlem O'Fishole SeafoodThe intersection of 145th Street and Frederick Douglass Boulevard buzzes with car horns and pedestrian traffic. Amid the hubbub, the bright silver matchbox of a stall that houses O’Fishole Seafood fosters its own kind of commotion, with patrons lined up for fried seafood, burgers, and sausage sandwiches and hefty portions of steamed mussels for $5. You can’t GO WRONG!

O'Fishole HarlemOpened in 2009 as a revamp of the owner’s previous endeavor, a fast food stand called Willie’s Burgers, O’Fishole still carries the beefy torch with cheap hamburgers ($3 for plain, $3.75 for cheeseburgers) and even cheaper hot dogs and sausage sandwiches. With a 4 a.m. closing time on weekends, O’Fishole is a boon for Harlem night owls looking to sate their substance-enhanced munchies. Come springtime, you know where to find the barrel grill.

VIllage Voice Article: The Seasoned Sidewalks of O’Fishole Seafood

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