Need a Cab? Never Mind Street Hails..

Hailing CabTechnology has it now that New Yorkers who don’t want to walk outside and raise their hands in an effort to catch a taxi or cab now have the option to download apps to your Android or iPhone. Introducing Uber and Luxury ride-sharing service VIA. Uber users first register their mobile phone number and credit card with Uber online. Then, they text their address to Uber (827-222), or use the free application for iPhone or Android to choose a pick-up location on a map. The regular base fare is $7, but the minimum for a trip is $15 and the tip is included in the fare.

Luxury ride-sharing service VIA is hoping to gain traction in the Big Apple by allowing customers to book trips through an iPhone app that lets customers save money by helping them split rides with strangers costs $4 per trip. The service, currently only offers rides during peak commuting hours, from 7 a.m. to 9:30 a.m. and 5:30 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. It only takes customers from the Upper East Side who are located east of Third Avenue to a stretch of Midtown East roughly between Fifth and Lexington avenues from East 58th to East 30th streets.. The $4 flat rate includes tip, with the introductory price set so low as a strategy to attract users. VIA’s goal is to eventually expand into a 24-hour service operating throughout the city.

Hailing a cab can be a frustrating at times when you can’t catch one during rush hour, changing shifts or even during bad weather but now, it’s as easy as dialing a number. You also have other mobile taxi hailing services like Taxi Magic.

VIA Luxury Ridesharing

One thought on “Need a Cab? Never Mind Street Hails..

  1. New advancements in technology have made getting a taxi more easily obtainable now than ever. We do not have to worry about chasing a taxi down or flailing our arms like a mad person.

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