Roz Abrams Has Resurfaced In A New “Hello Roz” TV Spot..

Roz AbramsWhere has Roz Abrams been since we last seen her anchoring at CBS local affiliate WCBS-TV Channel 2 in 2006? According to her Wikipedia she’s ”currently sitting out her contract” from WCBS-TV. Abrams recently appeared in a video called “Then and Now 2014″ produced by Red Wall Productions you will see the promo at the 11:40 mark. 

Roz Abrams DarnellNewsMan TV Promo SpotRoz Abrams has had a long outstanding career as a broadcast journalist for 35 years. She spent eighteen years at the ABC New York affiliate WABC-TV, Channel 7 Eyewitness News; where she became one of the most recognizable women in television news like Sue SimmonsBrenda Blackmon, and Carol Jenkins. I recently Google Roz Abrams just to see what she was up too and came across this video promo called “Then and Now 2014″ Now the video begins with the video promo from Eyewitness News called “Hello Roz” and then brings us to 2014. According to her blog “Roz Abrams Third Act” she still has big dreams and if acting is one I say, GO FOR IT ROZ!! Today, the broadcast veteran is retired and spends her days as a mentor and philanthropist.

Roz Abrams Promo

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