Brooklyn Mom Invents Beanbag Storage Chair For Tiny Apartments……

Storage Beanback


Brooklyn mom Andrea Soto has created a comfy solution for the lack of space in small city apartments. The idea came to her as she sat with a friend pondering what to do with all the stuff packed into her storage-deficient space. In an interview with DNA Info, she describes the idea how she came up with Storage Beanbag. Soto’s beanbag chair is filled with organic Styrofoam beans on top, and has storage space underneath. The bottom compartment is meant for cushy items such as seasonal clothes, bedding and stuffed animals. Soto’s beanbag chairs are currently pending a patent, and already the response has been positive. “People love the idea,” she said. Soto’s beanbag chairs are on sale at Amazon and Wayfair, and she plans to show them at upcoming trade shows. To find out more visit her website.


One thought on “Brooklyn Mom Invents Beanbag Storage Chair For Tiny Apartments……

  1. Excellent idea. These kinds of designs are very helpful to the people those who want more in less. The beanbags are made for comfort and less maintenance. That is why the beanbags have great demand over all other kinds of seating furniture. Everyone is going for these amazing chairs only. This storage feature has provided additional benefit to the consumers.

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