Joe’s Crab Shack In Harlem Is Officially Open!!!!!

Joe's Crab Shack HarlemJoe’s Crab Shack in Harlem is officially open. The location will be at 125th street and FDB/8th Avenue.  Joe’s Crab Shack is part of a growing trend of  restaurants coming to the Harlem neighborhood.  The restaurant will open at 11 a.m. daily, and will close at midnight Sunday through Thursday and at 2 a.m. on the weekends. This will be Joe’s first restaurant in New York City.

21 thoughts on “Joe’s Crab Shack In Harlem Is Officially Open!!!!!

  1. Good morning my name is Keith Smith and I would like some information so that I can apply for a job at the new job is crab shack in Harlem would you please send me some information so that I can apply

  2. Hello my name is Terrsa I am very interested in working for your restaurant. I am asking for more information on how I can apply for this job.

  3. Iam so happy mow I dont have to itbeg people to take me to oceanside any more.jusy hop on the train. what day will open

  4. Hi my name is Diana Gabriel and I would like some information on applying for a job for the new CrabShack that is opening up. If you can please send me information on applying. Thank you

  5. Hi i was wondering when the restaurant was going to be opening. What will the prices be like and whats on the menu.

  6. Hello. I would just like to know when is the restaurant’s grand opening? Please and thank you

  7. it’s a blessing to have Joe’s Crab Shack in Harlem.. Can’t wait to untill it opens. 🙂

  8. I am A Joe Crab Shack long time customer I travel from the Bronx all way up to Jersey just to eat at least twice a week I am so happy you open one in New York Hopefully thay do the same routine they do out in Jersey at half hour

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  10. All of you people are idiots…he is just writing an informative piece. He doesn’t work for or own Joe’s Crab Shack. You people are clearly going to get a job with your smarts.

  11. Quick question would you happen to know if they have a happy hour at this new location in Harlem? I have been to the one in Jersey and in Rancho, Ca. Hopefully they do have happy hr in Harlem I just moved here and I love the drinks and food

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